Perez-hilton-lady-gaga Perez Hilton says God told him to ask Carrie Prejean that gay marriage question at the Miss USA Pageant.

And the gossip blogger also says that God told him that Carrie's Miss California crown should be taken away

Responding to statements to by Carrie's mother, Francine Prejean about Perez being "an evil man," Perez Hilton fires back.


does not think I'm evil. God loves me. And I love God. I spoke to God

before the Miss USA pageant and he told me himself to ask that

question. He also told me that Carrie Prejean did not deserve to win.

Really! That's what God said to me. Ask her!"

He adds, "But, all kidding aside: the question I asked was fair and

relevant. Carrie Prejean did not answer it as well as she could have.

To this day, neither Carrie nor her mother acknowledge the fact that I

was not upset with her answer to my question but HOW she answered it."

"Oh, and I spoke to God again today. She says that Carrie's title as

Miss California should be taken away!"

Wait, God's a she?

Does God have caller ID? Should God start screening his/her incoming calls?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead