perez hilton no Perez Hilton on 'Glee'? No, thank youWe loved Neil Patrick Harris on “Glee.” We love all the Broadway stars who recur, like Kristin Chenoweth, Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff. We didn’t even mind Olivia Newton John that much, even though her storyline felt a little bit forced, because, come on, it’s Olivia Newton John.

But today #perezonglee was trending on Twitter, and we just have to draw a line somewhere.

Perez Hilton and his musical discovery Travis Garland attended the May 22 “Glee: Live” show in Universal City. Afterward, the gossip blogger tweeted that he was impressed by the “electric” show and the good production values.

And then he dropped this bomb: “Must say, the #GLEE concert was super entertaining! I have to be on the show next season! Ha! Maybe something with Kurt?”

Shortly thereafter, he started up the trending topic, which moved up to the top of the list. Since Season 1 of the show has already wrapped, with only three episodes left to air, Hilton is hoping he’ll get to make an appearance on Season 2.

First of all, if we learned anything from Britney Spears‘ manager campaigning to get her on the show, it’s that begging is not cute. At this point, we’re pretty sure that if Ryan Murphy wants you to be on “Glee,” he’ll snap his fingers or wiggle his nose, and you’ll instantly appear on the set. He’s just that powerful.

Second of all, Perez’s blog has already been mentioned once on the show, in the “Bad Reputation” episode when some of the New Directions kids were strategizing about how to dirty up their reps. Since he already exists in the show’s universe, he’d have to appear as himself. What, exactly, would Perez Hilton be doing at McKinley High school in Ohio? (Yeah, we know that Olivia Newton John showing up there doesn’t make much sense either, but we’ll repeat: she’s Olivia Newton John. We’re willing to suspend disbelief for Sandy Olsson, okay?)

Perez says he hopes to do “something with Kurt.” Zap2it caught up with Chris Colfer at the GLAAD Awards in April and we asked him about a potential love interest for Kurt. “I really want someone just less attractive than me so I’m not the weak link in that couple,” he said.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie