olivia munn perfect couples 'Perfect Couples': Olivia Munn rebounds from her 'Attack'Olivia Munn has landed on her feet post-“Attack of the Show!,” thanks to multiple television jobs.

Before her official exit last summer after four years as co-host of the G4 program, she had landed a correspondent job on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.” And early in the new year. she’ll have a regular sitcom berth as a self-help-spouting spouse when NBC’s “Perfect Couples” premieres Thursday, Jan. 20.

Munn is grateful to have the “Perfect” part now, especially since her desire to play someone besides herself was a factor in ending her G4 tenure. “I think Comic-Con [in July] was the last time I was actually on the network,” she tells Zap2it. “Nobody was addressing anything [about my ‘Attack’ status then], and I wasn’t allowed to address anything.

“It had been a couple of months” since Munn’s last “Attack of the Show!” appearance, she recalls, “so I said, ‘We have to say something.’ They said, ‘Sure, say what you want’ … then they gave me all these rules like, ‘You can’t say this, and you can’t say this.’ The show was something I loved, and I really was not wanting to walk away from the fans. As I said on the air, I was just trying to see if I could make some other dreams some true.”

Another was Munn’s guest role as the first incarnation of spy Greta on NBC’s “Chuck.” Other actresses have had the part since, but Munn would have reprised it had her schedule not been so full. That’s also the reason she and “Attack of the Show!” parted ways; Candace Bailey (“Jericho”) becomes its new co-host in January.

“I tried to work it out,” Munn maintains, “but it was hard for G4 to have had somebody all the time, then I’d say, ‘I can come in and do the live show.’ They wanted me all day long. That chapter has closed, but the thing that goes on is my loyalty and appreciation to the fans.”

Indeed, Munn says, “From the very beginning, I’ve always credited the fans and the press, because they’re the only reason I have all of this. You can’t tell people who to like, so I’ve been very lucky and grateful that people have been so supportive.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin