kyle bornheimer christine woods tcas 'Perfect Couples' Valentine's Day: Kyle Bornheimer, Christine Woods talk 'conventional' celebrationNBC’s “Perfect Couples” centers around three different couples who each fit a mold that viewers can relate to. Whether you know a couple (or are that couple) that fights all the time, constantly doles out advice or are just kinda “normal,” you should be able to empathize with the relationship issues each pair is going through.

So who better to chat with about fictional Valentine’s plans than the cast?

Zap2it caught up with Christine Woods and Kyle Bornheimer at NBC’s Television Critic’s Association red carpet, and we got the low-down on life imitating art (or is it art imitating life?) and what their “Perfect Couple” would do to ring in the most romantic day of the year.

Woods and Bornheimer play Dave and Julia on the show, who are typically considered the easiest couple to relate to. Fittingly, they acknowledged that the duo would probably celebrate the Hallmark holiday… but reluctantly.

“I bet we would acknowledge the irony of it, but then decide to celebrate it anyway,” Bornheimer guesses. “It’s not worth it to be too cool for school, let’s just go ahead and celebrate it.”

Woods adds, “I think that we would pretend that we didn’t care like, ‘Whatever, I don’t need a Valentine,’ and then at the end of the day be really sad that we didn’t get Valentines.”

“That’s our couple in a nutshell,” her counterpart continues. “We like to think that we’re not bound to convention but once in a while we don’t mind the conventions.”

You can also hear how they use the show as a “therapy session” for their own personal relationships in the video below.


Posted by:Sophie Schillaci