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#1. “Perfect Strangers” video game
It’s been a bit of a rough week in the pop cultureverse, so it’s time to end it on a happy note — and there’s no better way to do so than with the oh-so-necessary “Perfect Strangers” video game. Share your greatest dream, and then achieve it by steering Balki throughout a series of challenges. Nothing’s gonna stop you now!

#2. Uggie the Dog is writing his memoirs
Everyone’s favorite silent film pup had a harder start to life than his happy demeanor lets on, and now there will be a book to chronicle the details. According to our friends at TheFW, “Uggie: My Story,” will be published by Gallery Books, and tell the story of the Jack Russell’s journey from orphan puppy to Hollywood royalty. Aw!

uggie book deal 'Perfect Strangers' video game, 'Dark Knight Rises' trailer, Uggie's memoirs...
#3: “The Dark Knight Rises”: Trailer 3
Seriously, stop what you’re doing (unless, of course, you’re busy playing the “Perfect Strangers” video game… again) and watch this trailer. It’s being called one of the best film trailers ever. It gives instant chills — and will make viewers all the more excited for the “Dark Knight” release on July 20.

#4: Tan Mom Memes
Patricia Krentcil, the “Tan Mom” of NJ, blew everyone’s mind this week with her skin tone, outrageous parenting antics and smile. It’s the stuff the Internet dreams of, and there were plenty of memes to go around. (image via Buzzfeed)

tan mom memes 'Perfect Strangers' video game, 'Dark Knight Rises' trailer, Uggie's memoirs...
#5: “Game of Thrones” interactive map
This isn’t a brand new feature, but it’s been a revelation for GoT fans who haven’t read the books. Visit HBO.com’s “Game of Thrones” section and get lost in the lands of Westeros for a few minutes. It will help you better visualize the battles, the kingdoms, and what’s at stake. This week’s Journey of Daenerys section of the map is particularly fun.


Posted by:Elizabeth Brady