michael emerson poi 'Person of Interest': Michael Emerson isn't 'Lost' anymoreFor the bereft fans who have been somewhat at sea since the end of “Lost” 18 long months ago, a little news: Ben Linus, the so-bad-he’s-good mastermind played to chilling perfection by Michael Emerson, is back.

In “Person of Interest’s” premiere episode, which aired Thursday (Sept. 22) evening, we met the destroyer of the Dharma Initiative again. Instead of moving the island, he moved islands. He appears to have been transported whole-cloth from “Lost’s” mysterious island to Manhattan.

Sure, his name has been changed — he’s now “Mr. Finch,” a stinking rich computer genius who has aspirations of saving the world one soul at a time (as long as said soul has a Social Security Number), but we have a feeling that — as with Ben Linus — Mr. Finch has a hidden agenda.

There is one difference: Mr. Finch has a limp that, according to one Zap2it staffer, is reminiscent of Batman nemesis the Penguin. We’re sure there’s a story behind that waddle, but we didn’t get it in the season opener.

What did you think of Emerson’s first outing as “POI’s” Mr. Finch? Was he a little too Linus-like or not enough?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson