person of interest cbs tv show 'Person of Interest' recap: A Reese By Any Other NameThis week’s Number is a little complicated. It’s Alan Dale, a guy named Wallace Negel, whom we quickly learn is actually a former Stasi agent named Ulrich who’s been dead for 24 years. Only, really, he’s been in a secret prison and he managed to escape. He’s being tailed by someone from the prison, all on his own since he can’t ask for help tracking down someone who doesn’t exist (and who didn’t get a trial). He can’t catch our man, Ulrich, though, who’s hot on the trail of his former teammates who turned on him and got him (but not really) and his wife (supposedly) killed. He tracks down a couple of them — with JC hot on his trail each time — but when he reaches the third, he learns his wife’s not dead at all. She, too, is in New York and she was one of the people who turned on him. He kills the guy who told him this, then heads out to find “My Anja.”

He finds her apartment (although it’s not clear how), but JC’s already there and Anja’s safe with Bench in a car somewhere. Ulrich matches wits and strengths with JC (and, in fact, turns out to have a leg up on JC, who winds up tied up and tortured). They have some male bonding time, and Ulrich learns Anja has a 23-year-old daughter with eyes like his mother. He just needs to kill JC and head off to find his daughter. Thankfully, Fusco busts in and saves JC (maybe JC will cut him a little slack for that… nah, probably not). Ulrich finds the daughter, and gets her to call her mother. They have a big meet in Central Park, in which Ulrich bonds with Anja then pulls a gun to kill her. JC shoots him first, however. An anonymous tip brings Fusco, Carter, and the whole police force in. By the time they get to the scene, though, it’s just a dead Ulrich. JC, Bench, and the Ulrich women are long gone. Ulrich ends up buried under his fake name, Wallace Negel, causing Bench and JC to discuss whether anyone will know their names when they’re dead. Except, like Ulrich, most people think they already are.

Oh, and about JC’s name? We flash back to 2006 when he was very James Bond-esque in a tux working with a woman in the CIA who’s bossy and sexy and who named JC “Reese.” She didn’t like his first name, which she doesn’t even let him say out loud so viewers can stop wondering.

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