person of interest season 3 preview 'Person of Interest' Season 3: 5 things to look forward to

“Person of Interest” Season 2 might have just wrapped up in the finale episode “God Mode,” but fans at least know they have a lot of fun in store for them when the CBS series returns with Season 3 later this year. If waiting for the fall TV season to kick off seems too far away, here are some teases of what you can expect when “Person of Interest.”

Zap2it recently had the chance to catch up with “Person of Interest” showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman, and they revealed at the time that a lot of major Season 2 storylines would need to wait until Season 3 to be resolved. Here’s a breakdown of what’s going to be tackled in future episodes.

Where is the Machine?

We came so close but so far to finding out where the Machine was in “God Mode,” and since fans ended up with more questions than answers, they can bet that the Machine’s location is something that will continue to be explored in Season 3. As Plageman asks us about future storylines, “Where’s the Machine?!”

Root will probably be back again

Amy Acker has been a joy to watch on “Person of Interest,” and Nolan and Plageman are as reluctant to give her up as we are. If the cliffhanger in “God Mode” wasn’t enough of a hint, Acker will definitely be back for more in Season 3. “We absolutely adore Amy,” Nolan says. “She’s an incredible actor. She’s been such an amazing character on the show, but as you know, in this show, nothing is sacred.”

Major characters could still die

That statement seems to imply that no one is safe on “Person of Interest” (okay, except maybe Reese and Finch — maybe). Plageman reminds viewers that he and Nolan have no qualms about killing off significant characters. “We seem to have a penchant for killing off really good actors. Sad but true,” he says.

HR will continue to be an enemy

Carter’s run-ins with HR have been a major storyline in Season 2, and Nolan says that in Season 3 the folks behind HR will continue to be an issue the leads in “Person of Interest” will have to deal with. “HR’s a problem, and a solution is not yet in sight,” Nolan teases. “We’ll probably be hearing from them again in the third season. And, you know, although there is resolution of a sort in this finale, you’ve still got a lot of — our goal season to season is to continue to A-up and raise the stakes every year.”

The balance between episodic storylines and season-long plot lines will remain the same

Nolan and Plageman have found a winning balance between the episodic nature of “Person of Interest” and its overarching storylines, and they don’t plan to change that any time soon. “We had great fun this season weaving back and forth between stories of the week and the larger story,” Nolan says. “We love doing both, and we feel like we hope that we’ve struck a really good balance between those things, so we’re going to aim for the same balance next season.”

What are you hoping will happen in Season 3?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz