person of interest endgame season 3 spoilers 'Person of Interest' Season 3 episode 8: 5 teases from 'Endgame'

“Person of Interest” is heading into a three-episode arc just in time for November sweeps, so you can bet that the kickoff episode, Nov. 12’s “Endgame,” is going to be big. Zap2it had a chance to preview the episode early, and let’s just say that some major stuff goes down.

While you’ll have to wait until the episode airs on CBS at 10 p.m. to see for yourself what happens in “Endgame,” here are some teases about what you can expect. Be warned, some spoilers do lie ahead.

1. One major storyline will finally culminate. As its title suggests, “Person of Interest” deals with the endgame of a major storyline on the show. Take that as you will.

2. Paul Carter makes his debut. Get ready to meet the father of Joss’s son, Taylor. “Endgame” features a number of flashbacks into Carter’s past, including the introduction of Taylor’s father Paul, who is played by Laz Alonso.

3. Carter delivers the best line of Season 3. It’s no surprise that Taraji P. Henson‘s character is totally kick butt, but she delivers one killer line at the end of this episode that is not to be missed. Look forward to it.

4. The Machine is a minor player. Expect “Endgame” to be all about the building confrontation between HR and the Russians, and to not deal with the many questions surrounding the Machine. Similarly, Root is completely absent.

5. There’s not a huge cliffhanger ending. So rest easy knowing that the first episode of this three episode arc won’t leave you stressing out while waiting the week until episode 9, “The Crossing.” That said, you definitely won’t want to wait to find out what happens after “Endgame” ends.

“Person of Interest” airs Tuesdays on CBS at 10 p.m. Are you looking forward to “Endgame”?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz