person of interest season 3 episode 15 last call cbs 'Person of Interest' Season 3: Finch makes a new enemy in 'Last Call'Because Finch (Michael Emerson) doesn’t already have enough enemies running around on “Person of Interest,” he can add a new one to the list after Season 3 episode 15, “Last Call.” What starts as a simple save-a-number mission turned into something darker when a mysterious mercenary targets Finch as a future victim.

Though “Last Call” is focused on police operator Sandra’s (Melissa Sagemiller) plight, the man on the phone who is forcing her to execute actions which go against her moral code is much more interesting. As Shaw (Sarah Shahi) describes him, he is like Finch if Finch was evil.
Viewers have already seen Vigilance introduced as a foil of sorts to Finch’s operation, but this new villain is definitely his opposite. Could the man behind the phone be a part of Vigilance? Or just an extraneous mercenary like he seems? It seems unlikely he is working alone, even though he does have plenty of people ignorant of his plans working under him.
It’s interesting that Finch opted not to tell Shaw and Reese (Jim Caviezel) about the caller’s final threat to him. Is it that he doesn’t want to concern them? Or just doesn’t think the man is a concern? It’s unlikely the latter, because Finch knows better than most how dangerous people with access to technology can be. Whatever his reasoning, at least he knows someone else is out there with a target on his chest.

In another interesting development, Fusco (Kevin Chapman) has a new partner-of-sorts, Detective Jake Harrison (Gavin Stenhouse). Considering Fusco has been lonely at the NYPD with Carter dead, it’s nice to see him with an ally once again — especially now that every new member of the police force introduced doesn’t have us wondering if they’re a member of HR.
“Person of Interest” airs Tuesdays on CBS at 10 p.m. ET/PT. What did you think of “Last Call”?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz