The characters on “Person of Interest” are out for blood after the death of Carter in “The Crossing.” Reese, Fusco and even Finch want revenge against Simmons in the Nov. 26 episode, “The Devil’s Share.”

But they aren’t the only ones out for the rogue police officer. In an exclusive first look at the new episode, courtesy of Zap2it, a newspaper reveals that the NYPD is after the ever-elusive HR member as well. According to CBS, the newspaper will feature a big role in the upcoming episode.

In the above featurette about “The Devil’s Share,” “Person of Interest” co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan discusses the way Carter’s death will affect the team. He says this will be the first time viewers will see a true rift between the surviving team members.

“Loss is never easy in our show, certainly not easy for these characters. They’re going to find their way back together,” he says. “Which of our team members is the perpetrator is the question. We know who the victim is. The question is who’s going to pull the trigger.”

“Person of Interest” airs Tuesdays on CBS at 10 p.m.

person of interest season 3 the devils share newspaper 'Person of Interest' Season 3 first look: The hunt is on for Simmons in 'The Devil's Share'

Posted by:Terri Schwartz