person of interest season 3 episode 16 ram cbs 'Person of Interest' Season 3: How Finch met Reese met Shaw in 'Ram'In a brief pause from the momentum of Season 3, “Person of Interest” used episode 16, “Ram,” to flashback at the pasts of Finch, Reese and Shaw to explain how an important moment from their mutual history is playing into their future.

Meet Daniel Casey (guest star Joseph Mazzello) who a younger Finch, then with ally Rick Dillinger, is trying to protect. He has a laptop with important information that the likes of Reese and Kara Stanton (returning guest star Annie Parisse) want to regain. They ultimately fail, and it’s Shaw who Control calls in to clean up the mess.
It was really fun to see how close these three allies all came to one another in the past. Though Finch doesn’t really know who Reese is, viewers get to see some of Reese’s morality shine through when he lets Casey go. Shaw has her eye on the prize as much as ever when she uses foul language to say she could have fixed Control’s mess sooner. And Finch still has trouble letting people in, which is what caused Dillinger to betray him for money.
Things get interesting when “Ram” flashes forward to the present, though. It turns out the Casey storyline wasn’t just a segue, but actually pertinent to Root’s arc. She has been MIA for the past few episodes, but it turns out the Machine sent her to find Casey to bring him back into the fold. 
She tells him to go to Greenfield in Columbia — though the purpose of that trip remains unclear. Amy Acker is as excellent as she always is with her no-nonsense delivery of the Machine’s orders for Casey.
It was nice to see so many familiar faces in “Person of Interest.” Also nice is having Root back into the fold so that the overarching storyline in Season 3 can continue forward. But what role does Casey have to play? Share your theories in the comments below.
Posted by:Terri Schwartz