person of interest season 3 reese cbs 'Person of Interest' Season 3: Reese gets a new suit in '4C'

With HR defeated, it seems as though The Activity, not Vigilance, might be the most present danger for Finch & Co on “Person of Interest.” The Jan. 14 episode “4C” features the involvement of the Intelligence Support Activity in a big way.

The Reese-centric episode has Samm Levine guest star as Owen, the creator of a bitcoin website called Black Market Bazaar who goes by the alter ego The Sphinx. The Machine sets Reese on Owen defense when the relevant number becomes a threat to national security. The Activity made a deal with Owen, and now wants to take him down — on a plane, no less — to protect their own backs.

Finch sets Shaw after her former employer (her drugging Hersh is pretty hilarious) as Reese tries to get to the bottom of the situation on the plane. It all gets resolved well and everyone is safe thanks to Finch and Reese. Reese even gets a date out of it with a cute blonde flight attendant as everything goes back to normal. 

Reese previously made it clear he no longer wanted to be a part of the Machine’s missions, and tries to stick to his guns when the plane lands in Italy. But Finch is waiting for him in Rome as Reese bids farewell to his flight attendant fling, and the two men come to terms with Reese’s problems with the Machine and its hand in Carter’s death.

“We have free will, and with that comes great responsibility — and sometimes great loss,” Finch tells Reese. “I miss her dearly too.”

Reese acknowledges that he has to get back to work, and even gets a new suit in Italy. The team is back on it’s A-game, just like Carter would have wanted.

But the lesson in “4C” is that Reese can never really escape the Machine. Separate from Finch’s control, it was the Machine that made Reese fix this Owen problem. Even if he hadn’t inevitably decided to return as Finch’s ally, it seems doubtful Reese would have been able to evade the Machine’s calls for long.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz