kourtney kardashian scott disick peta gi PETA and Tori Spelling lash out at Kardashian family over alligator hunt

On the latest episode of “Kourtney and Kim Take Miami,” Kourtney Kardashian‘s baby daddy, Scott Disick, kills and skins an alligator for sport. Cue PETA … and Tori Spelling?
The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which recently came under fire when its Virginia pet shelter was exposed for its an astronomically high kill rate, jumped at the chance to lash out at the Kardashians. “It takes a small man to kill an animal for fun,” a rep for PETA says in a statement to In Touch. “Kind people understand that these intelligent, interesting animals — who fiercely protect their eggs and babies until their hatchlings are 3 years old — deserve to live with their families, rather than being hunted down in their homes and killed for a cheap human thrill.”
Spelling apparently agrees with PETA that “animals deserve better from us.” The reality star and author took to Twitter to air her grievances following the episode’s airing on E! “Any1 else upset by 2nite ep of K&K Take Miami? Taking alligators life on camera as a storyline&making a mockery of it sent me over the edge,” tweets Tori.
Believe it or not, the alligator know-it-all who guided Disick on his hunting adventure was Florida native Vienna Girardi, star of “The Bachelor” season 14, and Jake Pavelka‘s former fiancee. Girardi tells The Miami Herald she’s offended by Spelling’s comment. “People wear leather and you don’t hear any complaints,” says Vienna. “This is what animals are put on this planet for. And we use every part, we don’t waste any of it.”
What do you think … Was the alligator hunting episode over the top? Or are people overreacting?
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