animal practice cancelled peta PETA celebrates the cancellation of NBC's 'Animal Practice'

Mere hours after NBC axed “Animal Practice,” PETA issued a statement on its website claiming partial credit for the cancellation of the show. The post included an image of the employees of PETA’s Bob Barker Building in Los Angeles celebrating the the news along with the headline of the statement reading, “Victory!”

“Animal advocates, it’s time to break out the bubbly. After pressure from PETA and tens of thousands of our members and supporters, NBC has pulled the plug on its cruel show, ‘Animal Practice,'” the post reads. “By not tuning in, viewers told NBC that they weren’t interested in watching animals dressed up and made to perform cheap tricks — animals who had been torn away from their mothers as babies and subjected to cruel training methods and unnatural living conditions.”

NBC will air the three remaining episodes of the show before it gets replaced by “Whitney” later this season. Still no update on the status of “Community,” though NBC did release a promo today explaining how the show’s planned premiere date of Oct. 19 is actually a “state of mind.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz