peta trollsen twins PETA takes on Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen over $17,000 backpackYet again, PETA is not pleased with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. This time, the twins have offended with a $17,000 backpack, with a patchwork pattern made of various kinds of animal fur.

“What the Olsens lack in creativity, they try to make up for in shock value,” PETA told EOnline. “If it looks like a troll and acts like a troll, it’s probably a Trollsen
Twin — or someone wearing one of their new totes, which are made from
the fur and skins of innocent animals.”

They’ve set up a website about the twins, who they refer to as “Hairy-Kate” and “Trashley.” Watch the “Full House of Horrors” video below.

Dress up the Trollsen Twins at!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie