Musicianp_kevin_57070672_600 Poor Pete Wentz has no one to make out with at the Kids Choice Awards tonight.

He and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz attempted to silence all those rocky marriage rumors with a major PDA liplock onstage at the Australian MTV Awards.

He told The Dish Rag this afternoon that he’d only gotten back to LA 3 hours ago and that Ashlee had stayed home with the baby and both sets of parents.

So we asked him — not about his marriage, which is obviously doing just fine — but about his own stalker fears, given the arrest of "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Shawn Johnson‘s alleged stalker this week.

"I feel like Edward Cullen," he said. "I feel very protective. No,  seriously. You do become more cautious when this stuff happens and you really want to protect your family."

Uh-oh. Does this mean that Pete Wentz is gonna try to get a role in "New Moon"?

Are there any left?

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Reporting: Sal Morgan

Photo: Pete Wentz flips the peace sign at the Kids Choice Awards: Credit: WireImaage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead