peter fonda peace getty Peter Fonda finds dead body inside car on Sunset BoulevardActor Peter Fonda, best known for “Easy Rider” (and for inspiring John Lennon a time or two), made a gruesome discovery Wednesday night in Los Angeles. Sadly, the actor came across the body of a suspected suicide victim in a car on Sunset Boulevard, in the Pacific Palisades area.

The deceased man, according to TMZ’s first report of the story, had been there for approximately three days. Very sad, and very… gross.

Fonda, 70, is not a suspect in the death, which police are still investigating.

Here’s what we can’t help but wonder: the Boulevard is an extremely high-traffic street in an extremely high-traffic city. How did it take three days for someone to notice a dead body slumped in a passenger seat? Our hearts go out to all involved.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie