Petranemco_devan_10286627_600Russell Simmons is on a mission in Africa.


It was announced weeks ago that Simmons was taking Tsunami survivor/model Petra Nemcova with him on his fact-finding mission to learn how the international diamond industry can help Africa, a trip that is being paid for by – drum roll, please -The World Diamond Council.

What, the rap mogul can’t afford to pay his own way to Africa? Wassup with that?

You remember the WDC. They’re the folks that asked "Blood Diamond" director Ed Zwick to make sure his film acknowledges all the changes brought about as a result of the industry’s diamond tracking program, The Kimberley Process.

Anyway, back to Simmons, who just happens to have a successful line of bling with his wife Kimora Lee.

After the news broke about Simmons taking Nemcova, the web was abuzz with posts about him being secretly in love with Petra (join the large club, Russell) and wishing him lol because Petra is actually madly in love with annoyingly sweet singer James Blunt.

In his statement released yesterday, Simmons rambles on about why he’s in Africa (seems Minister Louis Farrakhan and Rabbi Marc Schneir told him to) and mentions Nemcova backing out of the trip, but blames her absence on "political and business" ramifications and on her publicist, Ken Sunshine.

He even gets in a thinly veiled dig about Sunshine also being "Blood Diamond" star Leonardo DiCaprio’s publicist. Russell ends his statement by hoping – and here’s where it gets really pitiful – that things will change and that her advisers, including Sunshine, will let Petra come outside and play.

C’mon Russell, she’s a big girl and doesn’t need a publicist to tell her what she should do. Time to face the truth.  She’s just not that into you.

Here’s what being into a guy looks like…


See? Big difference.

Photo Credits: Petra hangs with her rap pal Russell Simmons during fashion week in New York.
James Devaney/WireImage
Photo Credits: Petra clings for dear life  to her singer sweetie James Blunt at the MTV Music Video Awards

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