Andrew Lloyd Webber.jpgThere is something about the spectacle of the Broadway play “The Phantom of the Opera” that has captured the public’s imagination. Maybe it’s the love story. Maybe the music. Maybe the falling chandelier. Whatever it is, it’s held us spellbound since 1988.

The Andrew Lloyd Webber production is celebrating a whopping 10,000 performances on Saturday (Feb. 18). The show started as an $8 million production and became an $845 million hit. When the show opened back in 1988, half of the theaters on Broadway were empty. Along with “Les Miserables,” “Phantom” is popularly credited with refreshing interest in theater in New York.

Producer Cameron Mackintosh tells the New York Times he is hoping to do well with a British and possibly American tour of the show.

“After 25 years it seems right to try a new approach if you’re going to
send ‘Phantom’ out again,” he said, noting that the musical had played
in 27 countries and 145 cities. But it’s not like the old ‘Phantom’ is going anywhere. It
will be in London and on Broadway, forever we hope.”

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