pharrell williams good morning america feminism gi Pharrell Williams is a feminist? 'Happy' singer's inspirations on 'Good Morning America'

Is Pharrell Williams a feminist?

The “Happy” singer’s appearance on Monday’s (April 7) “Good Morning America” was mostly about singing and dancing to music from his album, “Girl,” but Pharrell did get in a short interview in which he said women inspired his latest work.

Women are “such an incredible demographic that’s been taking care of me for the past 20 years,” Pharrell replies when asked about the influences on his new album.

The lighthearted banter of the morning show probably would have been good sticking to just that answer, but Pharrell had more to say on why he wanted an album devoted to half of the world’s population.

“Women just deserve so much better and so much more,” the singer, writer and producer says. “I mean, you guys don’t get paid as much as men do — that needs to change. We’re a species that has a Martian rover on the surface of Mars! Yet we’re the same species that tries to tell women what they can and can’t do with their bodies. That needs to change.”

“GMA” quickly moved on to other topics after that — a debate about feminism probably wasn’t in the cards for the morning — but it does show that Pharrell has more going on than just a big hat. He’s a man who thinks about things too.

Posted by:Laurel Brown