JOSEPH_KIDULT_website_500.jpgK!dult, Pharrell Williamsnews and culture website for teens, interviews Zap2it‘s editorial director Joseph Kapsch for its weekly edition of “Cool Jobs”. A popular feature created to inspire the site’s youth readers who may be aspiring to pursue a career in the field of its respective interviewee.

In the the K!dult article, Kapsch talks about the responsibilities of his current gig, as well as the path that lead him to Zap2it.

“I joined the site 14 months ago. Prior to Zap2it, I was working as the Deputy Entertainment Editor for Los Angeles Times online, which is owned by Tribune — the same company which owns Zap2it. After we created fantastic traffic results on LA Times Entertainment, they wanted me to come over and completely overhaul Zap2it from the ground up,” Kapsch tells Kidult.

Kapsch also talks about the journey which lead him to a career in Hollywood and dispenses some advice to teens who may be interested in following in his footsteps.

“My start in entertainment was with Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment as an Assistant Online Producer for a site covering Sony’s soap operas called I learned everything about the web from that job. I did that for about a year or two and then I got hired at NBC Digital Entertainment to run,” he explains.

And about that too much “TV is no good for kids myth”? 

“There are parents out there who say ‘TV is bad for your children.’ But I’m an example of someone whose mom allowed us to watch TV constantly and consume entertainment. And in a lot of ways, people in my field are walking entertainment encyclopedias,” Kapsch says. “So I say, consume information, immerse yourself in the entertainment world and learn about the different mediums and concentrations. Intern at an early age at studios, networks, online websites and entertainment news programs and get a feel for the industry so you can figure out what your niche may be.”

The launch of K!dult was inspired by President Barack Obama‘s campaign movement and election. Pharrell spoke to MTV News during its launch in June 2010, saying: “If you’re somewhere between the age of 12 to 18 or 14 to 20, where are you getting your information from? What about the kid that’s deciding where he wants to go in his life? Where is he getting that from? We didn’t have anything that matched that demo and we didn’t have anything that matched that voice.”

Read the full interview on Joseph at Kidult.

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