pharrell williams kids choice awards green hat gi Pharrell Williams wears a green hat to the Kids' Choice Awards

How many hats does Pharrell Williams own?

With the addition of a green hat at the 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards, Pharrell’s collection of tall, mountie-style hats is up to three. In addition to the original brown hat from the Grammys, the singer also has a red one worn to the NBA All-Star game.

Why green for Kids’ Choice? Most likely, the color was meant to reflect the ever-present green slime that is a hallmark of the Nickelodeon awards show. The hat, of course, was a much deeper and nicer shade of green than the pale and awful-looking slime.

As for that brown hat, Pharrell doesn’t have it anymore. He auctioned off the Vivienne Westwood creation on eBay in March for $44,100. Fast-food restaurant Arby’s — which has a logo eerily similar in style to the hat — reportedly purchased the fashion item.

There is no word about what might happen to the green hat in the future.

Posted by:Laurel Brown