pharrell williams arbys buys hat oscars gi Pharrell's Grammy hat bought 'back' by Arby's

Arby’s has its hat back from Pharrell Williams! The fast-food restaurant revealed that it purchased Pharrell’s Grammy hat in the eBay auction to raise money for the From One Hand to AnOTHER charity.

You know the one: Pharrell’s “Mountie” hat (designed by Vivienne Westwood) that he debuted at the Grammys earlier this year. With a striking similarity to the Arby’s logo, fans and Twitter immediately drew connections between the two (and Smokey the Bear, and Dudley Do-Right, and …).

Arby’s wasn’t shy about chiming in, playfully bantering on Twitter with Pharrell about wanting the hat back.

Now the restaurant has it.

On Sunday (March 2), Pharrell revealed that someone had paid $44,100 in the hat’s eBay auction, essentially donating that amount to From One Hand to AnOTHER. Arby’s revealed itself to be the buyer a few hours later:

Talk about a win-win for everyone. Arby’s gets publicity for both the hat and the donation. Pharrell gets money for his charity. And underserved youth around the country benefit from a restaurant and a singer.

Posted by:Laurel Brown