phil spector mug Phil Spector allegedly assaulted by fellow inmatePhil Spector may be finding out that prison life is different from Hollywood life. Well, in some ways.

According to the New York Daily News, the convicted murderer and music industry legend got a few teeth caps knocked out, a black eye and a bruised nose in an altercation with an inmate.
“Phil has quite a mouth on him,” says his pal and defender Steven Escobar. “Not everyone understands his humor. He said the wrong thing to the wrong inmate in the yard.”

]]>Lana Clarkson by shooting her in the mouth, initially said he fell down some stairs. Later, he told friends the truth. A spokesman for Spector’s wife, Rachel, initially confirmed the incident, adding, “There are still safety concerns. We don’t want the people who put him in this position to retaliate.” But then Rachel denied it. “Phil was not assaulted. Absolutely not.” She adds that “anyone who meets Phil loves him. He’s so freakin’ funny. He’s an idol to the other inmates. They look out for him. They also know he was wrongfully convicted.” But Spector himself complained about the inmates in a letter he wrote to Escobar: “These lowlife scumbag gangsters kill you here for a 39-cent bag of soup!”

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