Phillip Phillips' kidney problems continue: 'American Idol' winner scheduled for surgery

phillip phillips tongue american idol finale Phillip Phillips' kidney problems continue: 'American Idol' winner scheduled for surgeryUsually, when a contestant wins “American Idol,” there’s a certain amount of celebration to be expected. For Phillip Phillips, though, winning really means that he’s finally got time to have the kidney surgery he’s been putting off throughout the competition.

Phillips has been scheduled for surgery on Tuesday, May 28, for a congenital kidney stone problem. He’s already had 8 surgeries as a result of the condition, and endured excruciating pain throughout his “Idol” run because he prioritized the show. Seven weeks ago, he had a shunt inserted as a temporary fix, but went against medical advice when it came to quitting the show in order to get emergency surgery.

Phillips’ recovery could take as many as six weeks, and sources tell TMZ that an “American Idol” production executive has offered Phillips and his family the use of a Malibu mansion while he recuperates.

He’s still expected to be well enough to perform with the rest of the “American Idol” Top 10 when they hit the road on tour. The first date is July 6, at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie

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