Photographers at the Film Independent Spirit Awards are grousing that A-list Oscar presenters and performers are being asked NOT to walk the red carpet tomorrow.

Something about the special stars sneaking into the Kodak Theatre through a basement entrance….

What? WHY? And how will we find out what they’re wearing, for crying out loud?

The reason may be to steal ratings from those way-too-exciting Oscar arrivals pre-shows. And to force viewers to actually watch the darn three-hour show to see their favorite stars, of course.

So don’t be too surprised if you don’t see, say, "Twilight” stars and presenters Robert Pattinson and (maybe) Kristen Stewart walking the red carpet. Psst. We’re hearing Jennifer Aniston will present with Jack Black, too.

You may have to watch the whole darn show to see Rob and Kristen and Jennifer, darn it.

Can you say, fast-forward your DVR through the musical numbers and commercials?

One photographer even mentioned Scarlett Johansson as a star who backed out of presenting because of the low-key "no carpet" ruling. Scarlettj_alber_7072902_600

Rumor Control Time!

Whether or not the Oscar’s new carpet  rule is true (and we kinda think it may be), Scarlett was never going to present this year

Her publicist Marcel Pariseau clears up the mystery: “She was not invited to be a presenter. She’s had a personal vacation planned for some time. She’s actually in Louisiana, feeding the homeless.”

Hate to say it but that’s probably a heckuva lot more important and way more rewarding than walking a red carpet in another designer gown and/or presenting another lame award.

How much do we love this girl?

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Reporting: Sal Morgan

Credit: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead