RadarOnline.com is reporting Jamie Jungers, a Las Vegas model, is the latest woman to allegedly have an affair with Tiger Woods. 
UPDATED: Jungers’ has confirmed to E! Online that Jamie was involved with Tiger Woods.
And they also reveal she’s cutting a deal with a British tab to talk about her two-year relationship with the king of the green.


MySpace search for Jamie Jungers reveals a profile for a 26-year-old Las Vegas blonde who looks creepily like a discount version of Tiger’s club-swinging wife, Elin Nordegren. 
JAMIE JUNGERS PICTURES 2 thumb 250x524 3247 Photos: Tiger Woods' alleged fourth mistress Jamie Junger is an Elin Nordegren cloneIt’s not confirmed that the profile belongs to the woman who allegedly slept with Woods. But the profile picture matches the photo on RadarOnline.com.
And a Facebook search for Jamie Jungers that also yields a profile whose photo looks eerily similar.
How many more babes do you think will come forward? 5, 10, 20, 100?
Given that Radaronline is reporting Rachel Uchitel got $1-$3 million to keep her from releasing incriminating emails and text messages, we’d say it’s fairly certain that every woman Tiger even flirted with will be trying to get a check.
How many women can Tiger buy off? Allegedly, of course. 
We have a gallery of Tiger’s Tail here. 
But we’re not sure how much bigger this thing can get.
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