pi day Pi Day: And now for something completely differentApparently Monday (March 14, or 3/14) is National Pi Day, a day on which the mathematical constant 3.14159265… is honored for its many contributions to society, which include frustrating future English majors as elementary kids and turning up pretty much anywhere Euclidian geometry is used.

In popular culture, Pi has inspired poems, the book “Life of Pi,” a Kate Bush song and helped Captain Kirk and Spock foil a malevolent alien bent on taking over the Enterprise’s main computer (watch the entire episode — which also features belly-dancing hedonistic aliens — below):

Sadly, the number has nothing to do with pie, but we will entertain guesses as to who is getting the pie in the face in the art at the top of this post. We’ll add the correct answer later today.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson