34533927 Piece ing it togetherNormally, each Monday I recap and review the latest and greatest installment of "Missing Pieces," the ABC-produced series of Lost vignettes designed to quench our thirst for all things Lost while (ostensibly) providing narrative importance as Season 4 rapidly (yet not rapidly enough, darnit) approaches.

But this week’s installment, "Tropical Depression," has me, myself, and I slightly depressed. All three of us are bummed. It’s just not good. At all. This is "Stranger in a Strange Land" bad, people. This is "Paolo has to go to the bathroom again???" bad. And it has me thinking that I’m overthinking the entire endeavor.

As such, I’ll still dedicate part of today’s entry to the mobisode, but lest I try to talk myself into fifteen hundred words about everyone’s least favorite exploding biology teacher, I’ll give you a bit more for your Monday buck. Topics galore, people, in tiny, Dharma-cookie morsels.

The Mobisode

My take on the mobisodes, as a whole, is that they are providing us clues as to what will be important come Season 4. The foreshadowing of Jack’s leaving the Island, Michael’s infatuation with Sun, the danger Walt presented to the Others…all juicy stuff and well worth watching. And then, you get episodes involving Frogurt and Professor Mopey and then I wonder why I construct such far-reaching theories.

Arzt’s last appearance, in "Arzt and Crafts," at least established a chink in Jack’s leadership armor. That justified his appearance. But this week’s episode…I’m at a loss as to how to connect it to the greater narrative of the show. And this is ME we’re talking about, people. I managed to connect two Rolex watches into a vast conspiracy involving the Freighters. If there’s a hint of mythology, I sniff it. I’m like the Marmaduke of Lost bloggers, y’all.

The only way, and I repeat, the ONLY WAY, this can at all make sense within my theory about "MIssing Pieces" is that the woman he met on the Internet is someone we already know. Someone like Libby, who would be in a position to lure him to Australia, break his heart, and get him to return on Oceanic 815. But even I have a hard time believing this is remotely true.

If you’re looking for me to say something positive about this mobisode, well, he did capture the spider that ultimately did in Nikki and Paolo. So, score one for Arzt.

Annie, Are You OK?

I watched "The Man Behind the Curtain" last night and listened to the audio commentary featuring Damon Lindelof, Carleton Cuse, and Michael Emerson. And I’m happy to say I’m completely vindicated in thinking that Annie, Ben’s childhood friend, is a central part of the Lost mythology. Now, granted, I’m far from the first one to think this, and there’s nothing in the commentary that validates any of my "Jacob is holding Annie hostage" theories, but to hear the producers confirm that she’s still to play a big part in the show made me feel good. I’ve been wrong so many times in my predictions that when i get one right, I gloat. Neener neener.

Circle of Anti-Life

Another interesting part of the commentary centered around the line of ash, which both Emerson and the producers confirmed was part of a large circle of that material. While many of you probably made this logical leap, I never had. When asked how he approached the ash as an actor, Emerson replies that he thought it was a "witch circle." They also note that Ben studiously avoids stepping on the circle of ash. This could lead to one of two explanations:

  1. Ben’s somehow bound Jacob within this "witch circle," and stepping on it could break its hold on Jacob.
  2. Ben’s got serious ADD, and probably also avoids stepping on the cracks in the Otherville pavement.

I don’t have much more to say about the notion of a circle of power binding a powerful object at this time, but I would suggest that it makes the Dharma logos a little more interesting.

Hakuna Jakarta

By the end of Chapter 1 of the online game Find 815, our protagonist has booked himself a flight to Jakarta to board a salvage vessel called the Christiane I. Some have theorized that this is in fact the freighter off-shore of the Island, but I have a sneaking suspicion that can’t be right.

Christiane I is due to set sail for the Sundra Trench, a place named in the mysterious photo of Sonya that started the ARG off and running. This is more than likely the location of the crash mentioned by Naomi and Anthony Cooper during Season 3. It’s also a place of enormous tectonic activity, which is important in that volcanos are mentioned during "The Man Behind the Curtain." This factoid, at first seeming innocuous to me, was labeled an "Easter egg" by the producers, ensuring that this will come into play at a later date.

As for me: I’m leaning towards the Christiane I being commissioned by Penny. Just a hunch. What’s truly confusing about Find 815 is the notion that the search for Oceanic 815 has been called off. If so, how do Naomi and Anthony know about the crash? Why would a salvage boat be going to the location hinted at by them?

A possible answer lies in a word revealed in the middle of Chapter 1 of Find 815. A word that was revealed once the player solved a spatial relation puzzle. And that word? Abaddon. And friends, that’s a mighty interesting word.

So interesting that I’ll save my take on it for tomorrow’s entry.

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