patrice oneal getty Piers Morgan gets Patrice O'Neal's gender wrongIt appears that Piers Morgan needs a better research department on his CNN show. While delivering a brief in memoriam of the late comic Patrice O’Neal, Morgan suffered from bit of gender confusion.

“It’s a sad day for comedy with the death of Patrice O’Neal, who I know that you knew,” Morgan says to Dane Cook, his show guest. “She died of a stroke today. I want to take a quick look at Patrice on ‘Jimmy Fallon,’ to remind everyone just how funny she was.”

The obvious problem here is that O’Neal was most definitely male.

After running part of O’Neal’s ‘Late Night’ appearance, Morgan got the hint. When they return to the broadcast, Morgan calls the late comic a “very funny guy.”

Good save.

Posted by:David Eckstein