CNN’s Piers Morgan had a bizarre show of strength during an Australian cricket showdown. He appeared in front of 2,000 Australian cricket fans only to be pelted by bowler Brett Lee.

The point seemed to be for Morgan to try to hit one bowl out of seven from Lee. As Morgan had been taunting Australian cricket fans for a while about how he was sick of English cricket players being beaten by Australian ones, he didn’t have many fans in the audience. Lee in particular seemed out for blood as he repeatedly hit Morgan with the cricket ball.

Morgan didn’t hit a single one of the bowls, but not for lack of trying. Though he was offered a doctor’s examination partway through the showdown, he shook off the offer and instead made comments like “Didn’t feel a thing” and “Bring it on.”

Adrenaline might have gotten 48-year-old Morgan through the ordeal, but he’s certainly feeling the pain from his cricket match now.

“Full injury list post @BrettLee_58 showdown – cracked wrist, bruised rib, and massive egg on back of head from…the throw-down guy,” he tweets.

This injury-filled incident still hasn’t stopped the rivalry between Morgan and Lee. The pair continue to taunt one another on Twitter, though Lee at least seems to acknowledge that Morgan has “guts.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz