oprah winfrey piers morgan tonight 'Piers Morgan Tonight': Oprah Winfrey is 'America's therapist'Piers Morgan, who we have always loved on “America’s Got Talent,” launched his CNN show Monday night (Jan. 17), “Piers Morgan Tonight.” He kicked things off with the guest to end all guests — the big O. Oprah Winfrey herself.

Oprah relays that she started crying a little bit when she launched OWN, but she tells Piers she won’t be crying with him. He Britishly responds, “Emote with me here!” Piers is charming and funny but also smart (or it’s just the British accent that makes everything sound smart, but we think it’s Piers too).

Piers posits to Oprah, “How many people do you absolutely, 100% trust?” and she says, “Probably five.” Piers tries to name them and he gets Gayle King and Stedman Graham, her known companions, but he can’t figure out the other three. We wonder who they are?

Later Piers wants to discuss Michael Vick, the dog-fighting NFL player, and Oprah responds, “I really don’t want to talk about Michael Vick because I’m trying to interview him.” Piers laughs and says he appreciates her honesty. They then bet 200 British pounds on who will get the first Vick interview between them.

The topic of her success and money comes up and how Oprah’s “brand” is love. Oprah says, “Money’s worth nothing if it can’t buy you the opportunity to love more.” Piers uses that as a segue to ask her how may times she’s been “properly in love.” Oprah snarks, “Ooh, you’re good. You’re good.”

Her response is “three,” with a shrug. She says Stedman didn’t break her heart, but two others did. She won’t name them, though — she doesn’t want to get phone calls. Heh.

They go on to discuss therapy and Piers says if he was going to have therapy, he’d want Oprah. He calls her “America’s therapist,” which is actually pretty accurate. She says she never pined to be a mother and talks about losing a baby when she was 14, which came as a relief to her in light of her sexual abuse and bad choices she made as a teenager.

She was shipped off to her father’s while she was pregnant, though he didn’t know, and she recalls him telling her he’d rather see his daughter floating down the Cumberland river than to bring shame on the family with an illegitimate child.

Overall, Piers is off to a great start. He and Oprah had some nice moments and as an interview, he is smart, witty and ery engaging. We wonder if every episode will be this format, an hour-long interview? Or will they change it up?

What did you think? Tomorrow night: Howard Stern. Buckle up.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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