pilot casting josh holloway intelligence cbs gi Pilot casting: Josh Holloway of 'Lost' cast as lead in CBS' 'Intelligence'

One of CBS’ pilots just got a whole lot sexier. Josh Holloway, who starred as the roguish Sawyer on “Lost,” has been cast in the lead role of “Intelligence.”

Holloway will play Gabriel Black, a former Navy SEAL and current intelligence officer, according to a report from Deadline.com. Black is the center of a special unit at the U.S. Cyber Command due to a microchip implanted in his brain. With it, the agent can access any part of the electromagnetic spectrum in order to be a super-spy.

“Intelligence” is based on an unpublished book, “Dissident,” written by John Dixon. The pilot was written by Michael Seitzman who will executive produce with David Semel (who will direct) and Tripp Vinson.

While a well-known actor thanks to his six years on “Lost,” Holloway has relatively few credits to his name. He appeared in small roles prior to being cast as Sawyer and has appeared mainly in cameos and guest appearances (like as the Black Rider in the second paintball episode of “Community” in 2011) since the “Lost” finale.

No other casting for “Intelligence” has been announced at this time.

Posted by:Laurel Brown