pink baby bump twitpic Pink shows off her baby bump via Twitter, hates on paparazzi shotsPink is showing off her baby bump, just not to the paps.

“ALRIGHT… because paparazzi of today have absolutely no photographic skill or artistry whatsoever, and their pictures are hideous,” the singer tweeted on Friday (Feb. 4). “I’m going to post a self-portrait I took yesterday morning for all of you asking to see belly shots. 3 weeks of photo classes for me.”

Adding that, “I am already a far better photographer than any one of them.”

The black and white photo is very sweet, but it’s tough to tell just how big the bump has gotten from that angle. We have to agree though, that TwitPic is far more beautiful and interesting than anything the paparazzi has shown us.

The details in this photo are what really get us. Aside from the hands on her belly, we especially like the tiles in the background reading “Women who behave never make history,” and “Sing like there’s nobody listening.” 

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci