jamie oliver pink slime Pink slime: 3 out of 4 slime plants shut down after public outcryPink slime is all over the news these days. Otherwise known as “lean finely textured beef,” pink slime refers to low quality beef trimmings treated with ammonia to make it acceptable for human consumptions. Chef Jamie Oliver started a campaign to get it out of school lunches. Now, it’s changing the business of beef.

Back in January, McDonald’s stopped using pink slime in their burgers. Certain grocery stores are banning products containing the stuff. According to the Wall Street Journal, Tyson says that the controversy is hurting beef consumption. Now the makers of pink slime are closing three out of their four production plants.

Craig Letch, director of food quality and assurance for Beef Products Inc. tells the Huffington Post that the business has suffered a “substantial” hit since the controversy began. The company is suspending operations in Amarillo, Texas, Garden City, Kansas and Waterloo, Iowa.

Beef Products Inc. took out a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal to try to dispel misconceptions about the product as well as starting a website called beefisbeef.com. They claim that the term “pink slime” caused the public outcry. Letch says, “We feel like when people can start to understand the truth and reality
then our business will come back,” he said. “It’s 100 percent beef.”

So, what do you think? Is it all about the term? Are you against ammonia-treated meat in your meals? Let us know your thoughts.

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