jcrew pink toes Pink toes a no no for little boys? J. Crew ad angers the gender warySo apparently an photo depicting mom and J. Crew executive Jenna Lyons painting her  little boy’s toe nails pink has some worried about the erosion of our society.

The photo appeared in a newsletter mailed to customers last week.

According to a column by Dr. Keith Ablow for FoxNews.com, “This is a dramatic example of the way that our culture is being encouraged to abandon all trappings of gender identity.”

Another expert for Fox added that the ad is “blatant propaganda celebrating transgendered children.”


We sought another viewpoint from clinical psychologist and mental health advice columnist Dr. Andrea Bonior.

“Children naturally try on different gender roles as they develop,” Bonior tells Zap2it. “Especially those who are creative or artistic. To stigmatize it probably
contributes to the very real problems of objectification of young girls
and sexual violence. It’s ignorant and unduly alarmist — if your kids
decide to pretend to be puppies one afternoon, shall we start worrying about future bestiality?”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson