Check back for my ever-evolving seating chart for the best tea party ever!

The Accidental Futurist — where I blog about trying not to be swamped by the wave of the future

My New … Totally — A catalog of weird houses I find on the Internet … but houses are only the beginning of the weirdness to come…totally. — best TV-news and listings site, natch…

Big Hollywood — a look at the entertainment industry from an alternate perspective (or at least what is considered one in the entertainment industry).

J.R. Orci Moblog — the “Fringe” writer/producer posts some very lovely photographs.

The New Adventures of Mr. Stephen Fry — The erudite actor and prolific Twitterer, who has a recurring role on Fox’s “Bones,” offers thoughtful commentary on the world in general and technology in particular.

Tim Goodman. The Bastard Machine — The San Francisco Chronicle’s TV critic endlessly entertains.

Eat Sleep Publish — excellent blog about the future of publishing.

Digital Media Wire — pretty self-explanatory.

Wired Blogs — Blog offshoots of the excellent magazine about the intersection of culture and technology.

GretaWire — The host of Fox News’ “On the Record With Greta Van Susteren” is a tireless blogger and Twitterer, taking on the news and current events, Skype-chatting with users and sharing pet photos. When does she sleep?

Peterman’s Eye — After playing J. Peterman on “Seinfeld” — in the days before he became a cause celebre on “Dancing With the Stars” — actor and musician John O’Hurley became an investor in the actual J. Peterman company. This is the company’s blog, a literate look at subjects of all sorts.

Televisionary — How does he get to read all those pilot sripts? Hmmm…

eGuiders — Here’s my page as a guest “eGuider,” one of a group of industry pros that recommend online videos. If you have to, you can go to the homepage or look at other peoples’ picks. If you have to, I mean, if you’re that interested in what people like “Lost” producer Damon Lindelof like…

TechCrunch — All things tech, and kind of crunchy, too.

SlashDot — As it says, “News for Nerds. Stuff That Matters.’ ‘Nuff said.

QuoteGarden Tea Quotes and Sayings’s Coffee and Tea Quotes

The Samuel Johnson Soundbite Page — one of my literary heroes

TVTattle — indispensable digest site chock-full of TV linky goodness

Bryce Zabel’s For What It’s Worth — and not just because this talented Hollywood writer/producer and old pal occasionally includes Hot Cuppa TV posts

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