pippa middleton today show matt lauer interview Pippa Middleton says she thought of Royal Wedding as 'family wedding'Sure, Pippa Middleton’s sister was marrying the future King of England, but she tells Matt Lauer in her very first television interview ever that she and her relatives thought of the Royal wedding as a “family wedding” while they were preparing for the Prince William-Kate Middleton nuptials.

“This might sound a little funny, but we saw it just as a family wedding. i didn’t realize, perhaps, the scale of it until afterwards,” she says on the “Today” show.

The intense media scrutiny on Pippa following the wedding was completely unexpected, and it’s something she’s still dealing with — just getting used to not being an entirely private person anymore.

“For good or bad, it just means that I don’t completely relax,” she tells Lauer.

Paparazzi will swarm restaurants when someone tweets that they saw her there,
and complete strangers will make mean comments. “I have felt publicly bullied a little bit just when I read things that are not true,” she says, “and it’s quite difficult, because I’m essentially just feeling my way through and trying to live a life, just like any 30-year-old. … People feel like they can say something about you online and on a webpage when they would never say it to your face.”

That said, not everything that’s come since the wedding has been bad, and she is grateful for everything that she’s gotten to do since then. “I’ve had amazing opportunities and I feel very fortunate.”

Watch the three interview segments below. The second half of Lauer’s interview with Middleton airs Tuesday, July 1 on “Today.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley