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Pippa Middleton, sister to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and new sister-in-law to Prince William, looks to have had a wild weekend in Paris. The U.K.’s Sun newspaper has a picture of Pippa cruising around town in a convertible with three male friends and one of them, the driver, is turning around and pointing a gun at the photographer.

The photo shown in the above “Today Show” story is blurry, but on the Sun’s website are three very clear pictures of the unidentified man doing so. The caption on the story is “The Smirking Gun,” as Pippa does not appear to be visibly upset by the stunt.

A source for the newspaper confirms the gun was real and that brandishing a hand gun in a public place is punishable by up to seven years in jail “for all parties involved.” Even if the gun was fake, there’s a possible jail sentence of two years.

The French photographer is reportedly “considering his options” about whether to take the incident any further. “The Today Show” was told that Paris police and prosecutors don’t know anything about the incident yet.

The reason this is even more of a story than your average weapon-brandishing incident is because just weeks ago Paris was the site of a deadly school shooting that left seven people dead, including four children.

So even if it’s fake, or unloaded – it’s still in poor taste.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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