Jerry O’Connell talked on “The Jimmy Kimmel Show” Wednesday (Aug 18) about the embarrassingly small role his privates play in his new horror film, “Piranha 3D.”

He plays what he describes as a soft core pornographer who videotapes girls on Spring Break. If that sounds like someone you’ve heard of, don’t say his name because Jerry is legally required not to.

According to the New York Post, Jerry’s not supposed to say Joe Francis, creator of “Girls Gone Wild.” He can only say that he plays someone loosely based on Joe Francis. And Francis’ lawyer sent an email to the Weinstein Company that reads “We caution all of those associated with this film to refrain from maligning Mr. Francis … Any defamatory or disparaging statements … will be met with swift litigation.”

Anyway, back to the important, albeit small, stuff.

]]>Harvey Keitel, Viggo Mortensen and Ewan McGregor with his full-frontal nudity in the film about the emergence of prehistoric piranhas that get into a lake on Spring Break. But apparently the lake that they shot the film in was freezing cold and Jerry insists that the temperature explains the size of his member’s role. “So when you see me, it’s very cold. It’s not like when you see me in the sauna and you’re like Hey, Jerry!” “OK, you get a couple of strokes,” concedes Jimmy Kimmel. Follow Zap2it and Elizadish on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead