Okay, if I was an unknown French artist and Johnny Depp arranged a special showing of my work at a West Hollywood gallery, I’d look a lot happier about it.

But maybe this is what a happy French artist looks like.

The two-time Oscar nominee and his amour Vanessa Paradis showed up at their South of France pal Gravleur’s exhibit at the Trigg Ison Gallery in West Hollywood June 1. In case you missed it, his decidely disturbing pastel portraits will hang through June 20.

Depp’s been chilllin’ in LA, waiting for the humongous June 24th Disneyland premiere of “Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest.” But he’s also been fighting the West Hollywood City Council over a retail project that threatens to block the view of the Sunset Strip from his Hollywood Hills home.

Depp’s first filed a lawsuit claiming that city council violated environmental quality laws by approving a $10 million prosed project in 2004. He lost the case but the legal scuffle did delay the project for a year. Now his sis – Christi Dembrowski – is appealing on his behalf.

The suit says the retail shops, restaurant and parking structure planned below his $5.4 million estate will ruin the view for his two children while they play outside. The developers – who must be true blue fans to know this – insist that Depp’s son (4) and daughter (6) don’t actually live here year-round and are being raised by their parents in France.

Well, yeah, okay. But like they do visit occasionally.

Photo Credits: Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis take time to support their tortured artist pal, Gravleur, while fighting West Hollywood developers plans to ruin their view of the Sunset Strip.
WireImage/Jeff Vespa

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