PizzaHut-MiddleEast-ConeCru.jpgIn Pizza Hut’s ongoing quest to outdo themselves with novelty menu items and stunts (see: $10,000 engagement packages last Valentine’s Day, or cheeseburger-rimmed pizzas), the chain is “reshaping fun” for its customers by introducing two indulgent dishes.

The Cone Crust Pizza is a pie that’s edged with 12 “golden cones,” which are filled with cream cheese and honey mustard chicken. Because, as the ad proclaims, “Cones have always filled our lives with joy, smiles, and thrills — and now, they’ll fill us with even more fun…” (And calories.)

Additionally, a desert treat (introduced several months ago) called Kit Kat Pops has been generating buzz. The recipe? Chocolate Kit Kat candy bars rolled up and cooked in pizza dough. 

It’s unclear which corporate decision-maker continues to sign off on these items, but there’s no denying that Cone Crust Pizza and Kit Kat Pops will now be added to every stoner’s culinary bucket list. Too bad they’re only available at Pizza Huts in the Middle East.

Watch the ads below for more info on the new dishes. If you’re lucky enough to sample them, one thing seems likely: Your digestive tract will not be thanking you afterwards.

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady