jackie tohn 260 'Platinum Hit's' Jackie Tohn: 'What you learn is that songwriting is very subjective'Jackie Tohn is the latest eliminated contestant from Bravo’s new reality songwriting competition show “Platinum Hit.” The whiskey-voiced songstress took time out of the joyous activity of taking her parents to the iPhone store to speak with Zap2it about her experience on the show and what she’s got planned moving forward.

“‘Platinum Hit’ was really cool. When I was on ‘Idol,’ didn’t have the opportuity to write songs and I remember thinking when I got on ‘Idol,’ I have no idea how to pick a song of someone else’s to sing,” Jackie tells us. “Half of me as a musician has always been the writing, playing my own instrument. When I got on ‘Platinum Hit,’ it was so exciting because I could actually show what I am and what I can do.”

We were curious what she learned as a songwriter by being on the show and Jackie had an interesting take on that.

“Really what you learn is that songwriting is very subjective. I could be in the bottom one week and get 1000 Twitter mentions about how great my song was,” Jackie laughs. “It wasn’t really a normal songwriting experience, where you sit in a room with someone you enjoy and write a song. These are people you’re forced to live with and write with.”

Kara DioGuardi was one of the “Platinum Hit” judges and Jackie happened to make the “American Idol” semi-finals the first year Kara was on “Idol.” So what was it like working with her? Well, a little different than us viewers might imagine.

“I had never worked with her, I had never met her,” says Jackie. “I think when someone’s been on a reality show, people think that on ‘America’s Got Talent’ these contesteants are like best friends with Howie Mandel. They don’t meet. It wasnt like on ‘Idol’ Kara and any contestants went out for coffee.”

“So on ‘Platinum Hit,’ we don’t even pass them in the hallway,” Jackie continues. “We are in the writers’ lounge and then the judges come in and judge. That’s the extent of the interaction. That’s the reason when people were like, ‘Oh, Jackie knows Kara,’ I was like, ‘No, I’ve never met her in my life.'”

Moving forward, Jackie is going back out on the road and also has an album in the works.

“I tour around the country, I play colleges and that’s really gratifying and really fun. The year after ‘Idol’ there was a lot of roadwork for me and then it got a little slower and then ‘Platinum Hit’ comes and the road work comes back up,” says Jackie. “I have three albums on iTunes, but the most recent one is called ‘2.Yo.’ I put a music video out on YouTube. I’m going to make another record when my contract here expires, coming out in February. I’ve been co-writing with a lot of other really cool artists.”

“Platinum Hit” airs Friday nights on Bravo.

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