community horror picture show halloween Play the 'Community' Horror Picture ShowSorry Human Beings, there’s still no new “Community” coming your way any time soon, but here’s something that might make things a little better: the “Community” Horror Picture Show, a new interactive game that will help get you in the Halloween spirit.

Basically, it’s a Choose Your Own Adventure type of game using footage from past “Community” Halloween episodes. In the end, you have your own supercut of creepy “Community” Halloween moments. So no, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before, but it’s still nice to revisit your friends at Greendale.
Check out the game here.

Before NBC announced the “Community” schedule change, star Danny Pudi told Zap2it that Troy and Abed would be dressing up for Halloween in a joint costume.

“It shows you that Troy and Abed are in a good place in their relationship to be able to dedicate Halloween to each other,” teases Pudi. “Secondly, it’s a costume that our fans are really going to appreciate.” Any guesses?

“Community” will return to NBC at some undetermined point in the future.

Posted by:Jean Bentley