We just switched from Typepad to Movable Type, and the blog looks a bit odd. But it’s all there and near as I can tell, all the links work. After all, a Hot Cuppa in a chipped mug is still a Hot Cuppa! Eager to see what this post looks like and all the rest.

Hmmm…wait a minute, let’s try an experiment.

Here’s the present I just got from Fox’s “Bones”... if you’re a fan, you’ll understand the meaning. If not, well, go find a “Bones” fan to explain it to you…or just click here.


The gift also also came with a DVD of the season premiere, which, no, I haven’t had a
chance to watch yet. But watch this space closer to the Thursday, Sept.
17, premiere date for some answers from the show’s lovely star, Emily
Posted by:Kate O'Hare