PointBreak-Reeves-Swayze.jpg“Point Break” is officially of age on Thursday (July 12), 21 years after its original release. This means that if it were a person, the movie would be able to imbibe legally — and yes, it also means that you’re getting old.

The Katheryn Bigelow-directed cult classic filled the pop culture void for skydiving, bank robbing, adrenaline junkie surfers. It stars Keanu Reeves at his babe-liest, Patrick Swayze at his coolest (he even did his own skydiving stunts), and Gary Busey in one of his notably lucid periods. While much has been said over the past two decades about “Point Break’s” plausibility and quality, the film has still attracted legions of obsessive fans, references, a play, and even a bar named after it in New York City.

Take a trip down memory lane and celebrate “Point Break’s” 21st birthday with a roundup of 21 favorite quotes from the 1991 cult classic, from the likes of Reeves, Gary Busey, Patrick Swayze and more.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Brady