political animals 'Political Animals' recap: Political CannibalsElaine starts out the day feeling a bit down because it’s time for her to resign as Secretary of State. To Elaine’s surprise, Garcetti refuses to accept her resignation. Having been made fully aware of his current Veep’s underhanded nature, he asks Elaine to run with him in two years. In the meantime, she would stay on in her current position. She’s stunned, but says they’ll discuss the issue right after he gets back from his overseas trip. Unfortunately, in all the hubbub of T.J. coming home, Elaine doesn’t tell Doug about the possible change of plans and he turns the letter over to Susan. She promises not to run it until after the formal announcement, but then makes the mistake of showing the letter to Georgia.

Georgia wants to go to press immediately. When Susan refuses, Georgia goes to Alex. Alex sides with Georgia until Susan admits she slept with her source. It’s so scandalous that, if discovered, would topple the paper. Alex kills the story, but Georgia goes to their editor-in-chief and claims that Alex is slighting her because they’re sleeping together and he doesn’t want his favoritism to show. Susan is just so very touched that her cheating dog of an ex-boyfriend did something decent by falling on the sword for her.

Before Alex kills the story, though, Doug flies into a panic. Everyone will know he’s the one who leaked the letter and his political career will be dead. He confesses to his mother, whose response is to turn on the famous Elaine Barrish ice machine. Doug blows up at her with 30 years of pent-up frustration and flounces out of town to elope with Anne.

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