political animals 'Political Animals' recap: Second Time AroundElaine convinces President Garcetti to send Bud to negotiate with the Iranian president for the release of the three American journalists. The meeting is set to take place in neutral Oman, but Vice President Gomer Pyle gets pissy and blabs the deal to the press. When Elaine cusses him out, Doug knows something is up with his mother. She confesses that she’s sick of all the (male) *******ry in D.C. and wants to run for office again. Doug is furious, citing all the problems they had during the last run and all the problems they will continue to have if she subjects them all to another race. Elaine’s got bigger problems to face, like trying to find a new place for the negotiations. She turns to the Turkish ambassador, who agrees to give them haven in Turkey if she’ll go on a date with him. Everyone is after Elaine’s ass in one way or another.

Susan Berg accompanies Bud on the trip, where they spend much of the time discussing product placements. Bud has her pose as President Garcetti’s “special envoy” and fakes out some ultra-secret negotiations. It works, somehow, and President Hakam hands over the journalists. Bud, feeling horny with victory, beds one of the poor fools. He returns just in time for a scaled-down version of Doug and Anne’s engagement party. He dances with Elaine while Nana and Thomas perform “The Second Time Around” at the piano. He has surmised that Elaine plans to run for president again and sent him to Turkey as a way to redeem his public image. She denies it, but as we see through a series of flashbacks, she’s got a way of sticking with him even when she shouldn’t.

On the familial front, Thomas steals a check from Nana so that he can invest in the nightclub of his dreams. It’s dumb and he gets called out on it, but Doug feels sorry for him or maybe believes in him (or maybe both) and decides to give him the money himself. Doug eventually apologizes to his mother for his earlier outburst, saying he supports her if she runs again, but then calls Susan for a secret meeting. He tells Susan about his mother’s plans so that Susan will expose her in the press. Susan, having just come to respect and understand Elaine, is torn. Stay tuned for the full weecap.

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