“Kuh-doos to all of us.”

Oh, Ramona.

Did she mean, “Kudos”?

As “The Real Housewives of New York” season two wraps up, I find myself reflecting on all the women… and instead of taking a negative slant and asking who you want to strangle, I want to know who your favorite lady is. Will you vote in the poll and explain yourself in the comments section?

For me, it’s Bethenny. Easily. She’s beautiful, accomplished, doesn’t take herself too seriously, has a healthy sense of humor about most everything, chooses to see the good in her crazy co-stars (with the exception of Kelly, of course) and is a loyal friend. �

And, according to Bravo’s little where-are-they-now commentary, she’s got a man at the moment. Who’s keeping up with this gossip? Did Bethenny find a guy worthy of her?

Oh, and p.s., have to say that Alex and Simon really grew on me this season. They showed a much more laid back side of themselves, which was cool. And, come on, any dude who’ll wear red, vinyl pants in public… were they vinyl?

Who is your favorite New York Housewife?(online surveys)

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh